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Current sessions:

A 4-week practice circle on befriending experiences of body (space), mind (time), and everything in between (space-time).  An introduction to practices of mindfulness, contemplation and wonder through arts.

When: Sundays

Where: Weimarer Kunsthaus


1. We meet on 4 Sundays for around 2 hours.

2. We will practice daily with an audio guide for everyday of the week to explore the range of experiences within and without. 

3. We will read/listen to the (audio)book called

Anam Cara (soul friend) by John O' Donohue during the week. to nourish our heart-mind with the beauty of being an experience. 

4. We will have suggested practices of "act of kindness" or compassion in action. 

Here, I talk a little more about it in the audio below:

Reselfing 4 weeks practice circle
00:00 / 09:48

Who is this for?

For you who like to learn about practices of mindfulness.

For you who want to practice noticing everyday ordinary life.

For you who want to tap into introducing silence, solitude and stillness into the fabric of your experience. 

For you who ask "who am I?".

For you who ask life "Is there more to this thing called life?".

For you who want to practice compassion. 

For you who want to practice "deep and generous listening".

For you who notice this thing you call "self" and look for it; to"look for the looker".

For you who value living the questions than looking for answers. 

For you who long to Reself. 

If you're interested to join, send me an email. And, let me know what inspires you to join :)

I'll reach back to you with details of time/place and more information :)

Reselfing flyer plain.jpg

How do we connect to each other in the circle?

With absolute respect to the dignity of others. With generous listening that values "no fixing", "no correcting", "no suggesting", "no saving"; Simply practicing holding space for one another. 

What other paths we might explore in our practice?

Mindfulness mediation for everyday life.

Imaginative contemplation through poetry and various expressions of the arts.

Consensual mindbody movement

Is there any "prerequisite"?

Yes! deep curiosity and openness

(and the suggestion to pause social media use during the 4 weeks)

And, the commitment to participate in all weeks and be there for yourself and other participants in the practice circle.

Is there any contribution fee?

It's donation based. If you feel that by the end of the 4 weeks our time together was worthy of a donation, then I'll receive it wholeheartedly. 

I'm joining! 

Thanks for submitting!

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