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"Walls Are Human Too"

A public art project within the framework of Walk of Art, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 2019. In collaboration with Lea Wittich. 

Questions to ponder:
1. In all realms of human experience, what are the invisible walls we create within and without? 

2. What walls do we perform in our imagination for ourselves and others?

3. What is that experience of no wall, no veil, no living from the state of fear?

Follow the Link for more information on this project initiated by he Chair of Social Science Urban Research at the Bauhaus University, in cooperation with UN-Habitat and the Thuringian State Commissioner for Integration, Migration and Refugees, Mirjam Kruppa. 

Photographed by Konrad Behr, 2019 Weimar

“Absence”, 2021

public performance, installation, Park an der Ilm, Weimar, Germany

In Walking in Wonder, John O’ Donohue writes, “While we are here in the world, where is it that we are absent from?” 

“Absence” seeks the answer for that, or rather holds the question in the hope of an answer. Through a few miles of walk with a door, planting it on the ground and listening to hear what’s behind the door, “Absence” looks for this invisible world. A parallel or perhaps intertwined world within the world we perceive that feels absent from our sight. 

In this meditative performance, the repetition of “planting” the door, listening to the silence behind the door, and again walking to redo the same meditation, played a ritualistic role.


To carry the door, was to carry the answer within. And to listen, was to become aware of the absence, the path to bring presence in what seemed to be hidden. 

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