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the gleanings of a harvested self

In 2016 the word Reselfing landed in my heart while I was staring at the word Reshelving at the VCU library, Virginia. Instantly it gave voice (word) to my experience of years.

This page is Reselfing in its art form. A guided audio walk and performance installation on what it means to be a self.

A question walk. An attempt to look for this thing we call self. To look for the looker. To (re)experience layers of the very experience we are. To shed identity, personhood, selfhood and to come close to "I", first-hand experience. A non-verbal experience.

Hear my wonders about it below and scroll for more. 

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1. Isn't what's "there", what is "here"?
2. What is here?
3. To know, is to be known? 
To be known, is to know?
5. Knowing proceeds being?
6. A pull from what will, than a push from what was?
7. Is [a] knowing of [a] knowing, urging to be known?
8. The remembered forgets, and knowing proceeds?
9. Time-space is the embodiment of knowing?
(silence), the question
(silence), the answer

Reselfing as an artwork is a public audio walk located in Weimar, Germany. In 2022, a performance installation accompanied the audio walk for the public. 

The audio walk is available for download and can be played at the location. 

If you wonder how, I'll be happy to guide you. Please write me at Contact.

A video-thought during the rehearsal, and creating the installation/performance of Reselfing. 

This work was supported by the DAAD German Academic Exchange Service under the framework of a master thesis at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar; An M.F.A in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies. 

The artistic advisors were Prof. Danica Dakić, Dr. Alexandra Abel, and Yoav Admoni 

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